Giving customers the best we have to offer, that’s what we’ve been doing for decades!

Nearly 35 years ago, when Patrick Harvey made his first steps in the bearing industry with his father Jacques Harvey, one thing always stood out for him and will follow him for the rest of his career: the extraordinary energy his father puts in every day to ensure the satisfaction of his customers.

From then on, Patrick has made it his own priority. In all situations, the customers’ satisfaction comes first and is our foremost goal.

Today, the same approach drives the Harvey Bearings team every day, every call, every delivery, every visit.

Harvey Bearings, a team of all-stars


Patrick Harvey : Harvey Bearings

Founder of the company, Patrick has nearly 35 years of experience in industrial parts distribution. It is the care about customer service that is the cornerstone of the vision that brought Harvey Bearings to life in 2013. Since then, Patrick leads the team he built with empathy and inspire his employees to follow the company’s values of customer service, knowledge and integrity. He embodies these values by setting the bar high and ensuring that everyone shares his commitment regarding customer’s satisfaction with passion and pleasure. Furthermore, Patrick has earned the respect of all with his unparalleled generosity, honesty, and knowledge of industrial mechanic. It is an art to bring a team to this level of efficiency and professionalism and Patrick masters it perfectly, all through a positive and cheerful environment that benefits the customer.


Teresa Acosta-Harvey : Harvey Bearings

From the beginning, Teresa brought to Harvey Bearings her enthusiasm and smile, along with her extensive customer service experience. She ensures that every customer lives, at any time, the human, friendly and personalized touch that makes Harvey Bearings such an exceptional company. Unifying and endowed with an uncommon attention to details and customer satisfaction, her role on the team is central. Teresa is responsible of the administration and manages it with efficiency and rigor. She will be more than delighted to answer your questions regarding accounting and many other matters.


Guillaume Baribault : Harvey Bearings

With 12 years of experience, including five at Harvey Bearings, Guillaume knows the complex world of bearings in every detail. Therefore, he has been appointed general manager of the company, in 2018. He grasps your needs with astonishing speed and finds the solutions just as quickly. Gifted in the Bearings field and unique team worker, he enjoys the highest respect from his colleagues. Highly efficient and always concerned about service quality, Guillaume perfectly embodies the values ​​of commitment and integrity that are dear to the company.


Jocelyn Giguère : Harvey Bearings

With over 25 years of experience, Jocelyn joined the team in 2015. As a sales representative, Jocelyn is responsible for the institutional, corporate and commercial sectors. The world of wheels and casters has no secrets for this veteran. It is with good humor and enthusiasm that he will come to you to understand your needs. He will not be totally satisfied until he finds the right solution for each of his clients.


Yannick Thibodeau : Harvey Bearings

Since 2016, Yannick has overseen all responsibilities related to the delivery, shipping and receiving department. He is the one who shows up at your place, smiling and courteous, to deliver your order, within the promised time. His punctuality and great sense of responsibility, in addition to be a perfect fit with corporate values, makes him the ideal person to take on this essential job and to bring our values ​​outside our walls, right down to our customers.


Félix Bouchard : Harvey Bearings

Drafted more recently, Félix immediately showed a great ease at grasping the particularities and nuances of bearings and speed reducers. As an inside sales representative, he will make sure that your needs are addressed with the determination and tenacity that characterize our approach. Curious, dedicated and supportive team player, Félix ​​also contributes to build the reputation of Harvey Bearings, one step at a time, and to offer a first-class customer service that you will not see anywhere else in the industry.



harvey bearings


Opening of HARVEY BEARINGS SERVICE INC. by Jacques Harvey

harvey bearings

Opening of SPÉCIALITÉS INDUSTRIELLES HARVEY INC. by Patrick Harvey and his two brothers



Patrick Harvey sells his shares of SPÉCIALITÉS INDUSTRIELLES HARVEY INC.

harvey bearings


Patrick Harvey opens the 2.0 version of HARVEY BEARINGS INC.

HARVEY BEARINGS moves to 2335 Watt Avenue, Quebec QC G1P 3X2


harvey bearings
harvey bearings