Meticulous work and professional service

Nothing means more to us than the operation of speed reducers!

Is speed reducer a crucial piece in your operations? If a break occurs, does it mean the interruption of your production? Thanks to its emergency service, experienced team and high-precision work, Harvey Bearings can be of great help.

Specialists in the cleaning, analysis, replacement of bearings and seals plus the precise adjustment of axial play, we master the art of diagnosing breakage and quickly make the appropriate recommendations. We will prioritize the repair of your gearbox and only suggest replacement if absolutely necessary.

Harvey Bearings has solid expertise, in the refurbishment of:

  • Helical gear reducers
  • Bevel gear reducers
  • Shaft mounted reducers
  • Cycloid disc reducers (Sumitomo / SM-Cyclo)
  • Worm gear reducers
  • and more


Some cases handled by our experienced team

Harvey Bearings Harvey Bearings

A situation that may seem hopeless will find its solution at Harvey Bearings. Our attention to detail and thoroughness is recognized in the industry and is now our pride.

Harvey Bearings Harvey Bearings

Every refurbishment of a speed reducer is a challenge that Harvey Bearings specialists are happy to solve. From cleaning to replacement of bearings and gaskets, we will restore your gearbox to optimal condition, ready to do the job for many years to come.